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Hats Off to the Grads

If you can believe it, Trinity graduated its tenth 8th grade class on June 9th. We are so proud of our students reaching the next level on their academic journeys!

According to the Archdiocese of Boston, 93% of high school students attending Catholic high schools go onto 4 year colleges (2013), compared to 70% of public high school students (US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016). Having attended a Catholic school significantly impacts a student’s likelihood of attending a 4 year institution. We’re so proud of our most recent high school graduate alumni and can’t wait to see where the road will take them next! Check out the list below for where these stellar scholars are headed:

Trinity Turns 10!

For the past decade, Trinity Catholic Academy has served the Brockton community to its best ability. Guided by the spirit and teachings of the Catholic Church, over 300 students have graduated onto prestigious local high schools such as Cardinal Spellman High School, Boston College High School, Catholic Memorial, Notre Dame Academy, Cathedral High School, to name a few. Our commitment to providing an environment where every student is given the same access to education is the cornerstone of our success.

PTO Hosts Paint Nite

TCA’s PTO hosted our first annual Family Paint night on June 1, 2017.


Families and TCA students came out on Thursday June 1st to spend time, hone their art skills, and enjoy each other’s company. A local company supported the event by donating art supplies, and two professional teachers. The teachers and PTO staff supported our attendees in creating gorgeous tropical summer scenes. Each person was able to create a lovely seascape with their own flair to get them excited for the upcoming summer season. Families enjoyed themselves, and look forward to trying out their artistic abilities again someday at a future family paint night event.

Thank you to all that attended, TCA PTO looks forward to continued support of family fun activities!

Grade 5 Wax Museum - An Annual Affair

On June 7 and 8, the fifth grade wing of Trinity Catholic Academy was abuzz with activity.  The children in Mrs. Calogrias’s, Ms Mussari’s and Mrs. Ryan’s classes worked hard reading biographies about famous individuals.  After collecting important information about these individuals, the children created speeches to present at the Wax Museum.  Part of the project also included making puppets to resemble the person each child was representing.

Connecting Academics to Real-World Experiences

On February 16, 2017, in honor of Presidents’ Day, 25 top senior executives gathered at TCA’s Upper Campus for the First Annual Presidents’ Leadership & Career Day.   Business leaders from the healthcare, financial, and other industries shared their on-the-job experiences during visits to classrooms, giving students the opportunity to discover how their day-to-day learning can make a difference outside the classroom walls. 

First Annual TCA Writing Contest a Success

After a decade in the Brockton community, TCA students continue to shine. The celebrations for TCA’s 10th year in existence kicked off with the first annual TCA Writing Contest sponsored by the Development Office. Students in grades 6-8 had the chance to compose a nonfiction account of his/her time at Trinity, a narrative explaining how Trinity positively impacted him/her, or a persuasive essay convincing another student why (s)he should attend our school.

With over 28 entries, our judges, including Richard “Dick” Grant, formerly Stonehill College’s Associate Dean of Academic Achievement, selected the top three places. Essay winners were announced at TCA’s Annual Holiday Concert on December 15.

Javon Brathwaite, first place

Meg-Tina Kwankam, second place

Emma Cuevas, third place


Thank you to all who participated, and job well done to our winners! 

Living as Jesus' Disciples

Eighth graders Bethannie and Enorguehi may be going on to high school next year, but that is not stopping these girls from making known their legacy while still at TCA. Last year, Bethannie and Enorguehi set up a toy drive for disadvantaged youth in the Brockton community, totaling more than 50 gifts given to children last year. Hopeful that they will match their record from last year, Enorguehi says, “Even if we don’t get as many gifts as last year, it’s all about the effort.”

Giving back is a legacy well known to both Bethannie’s and Enorguehi’s family households. Every holiday season, Bethannie’s family sends toys to her cousins in Haiti, and Enorguehi's family sends toys for relatives in Nigeria. Inspired by the kindness of her parents, Bethannie states her reason for giving back as simply as, “What can I do to help kids who don’t get gifts during the holiday season feel like someone will always be there for them?” For Enorguehi, the toy drive comes back to her love of kids. "I want to do something helpful that will benefit kids," she says. As a follow up, she adds, “To show that Trinity is with you.”

When it comes to their ideas and actions, Bethannie and Enorguehi take little to no credit. Bethannie remarks, “Little things can make a big difference. We’re Jesus’ disciples. Jesus’ disciples help spread the good word and we spread the word by caring for others.” 

Prayerful Intentions

At a school where religion classes are daily, school-wide Masses monthly, and seventh and eighth grade classes attend Mass weekly, students are fully engaged with their Catholic education. But for fifth grader Happy Pokraka and her classmates, it simply wasn’t enough. When Happy told her teacher she wanted to start a prayer club, Mrs. Mussari couldn’t say no. Every two weeks, students gather in the upstairs classroom to begin their afternoon in thoughtful conversation with God.

“I pray to be closer to God and to follow in God’s footsteps,” says Cadence at 6th grader. Upon learning about disadvantaged populations around the world, 6th grader Sarah answered that she prays because, “Not many people have what we have that is decent. Some people don’t have what we do in terms of natural resources.”

Building moral character is at the center of TCA’s mission and model for education. As a Catholic school, we encourage students by giving them positive reinforcement in the classroom and use the teachings of the Catholic faith to instill a moral guidance that will support them to make informed decisions in the future. Happy’s prayer club reflects TCA’s mission in action.

We asked Happy to share with us why she started the prayer club. Her response: “I love praying and giving things to others and I love helping out.” 

The Prayer Club’s latest project has included collecting holiday cards, which will be mailed to veterans this week.



The Power of We

As the season of blessings and thanks draws ever closer, Trinity Catholic Academy is grateful for the many opportunities made possible for our students thanks to our committed friends and partners.

Leading the way this year are the Stonehill Skyhawk student-athletes, coaches, campus ministry, and alumni, whose sharing of precious time and talent has given our students opportunities they wouldn't have otherwise.

This included Stonehill College graduate and motivational speaker Matt Brown, who recently spoke to TCA students about his successful and ongoing journey in overcoming adversity.  Paralyzed from the chest down following a high school hockey accident, Matt's story of focused determination in reaching toward his goals resonated with students, who learned the power resiliency plays in recovering from great challenges.


Three TCA Students Awarded Peter Lynch Scholarship

Congratulations to our students who were selected to be Peter Lynch Scholars this year. The Peter Lynch (PL) Scholar program was established in 2010 to honor the 20th anniversary of Peter Lynch’s involvement with the Catholic Schools Foundation (CSF) and Inner City Scholarship Fund (ICSF). A minimum of one and a maximum of five students are awarded PL scholarships, but must meet certain criteria. Scholars are excellent students who possess a strong work ethic, and have a demonstrated financial need that might otherwise prohibit them from receiving a Catholic education. Jonathan Pham (Grade 1), Makayla Gomes (Grade 3), Meg-Tina Kwankam (Grade 6), Nicole Sanchez (Grade 6) and Ta’Quan Williams (Grade 8) have all been impacted by the legacy of Peter Lynch as they have been selected to receive scholarships in his name this year. Thank you, CSF and ICSF for helping our families overcome financial obstacles so their children can receive the education they’ve always wanted!